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About Us:

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Our mission is to educate our youth to the lifelong benefits of character, teamwork and sportsmanship through the fun experience of playing the game.


Centre line was established in 1994 as a 501 (c)(3) non-profit for the promotion of the ideals of sportsmanship, character and teamwork to our communities youth.     To encourage these life lessons  it was observed that there was a great deal of need for Sportsmanship to be reintroduced into our society as the proper behavior to exhibit both on and off the playing field.  Soccer is a game that offers one of the better opportunities for a young athlete to experience and learn life's lessons.   With proper guidance they are better prepared to deal with the challenges and rewards that life has to offer.   What is sportsmanship? Very simply put - being considerate of others and respectful to yourself. What is teamwork? It is learning to know when and how to be there in support of others and allowing others to be supportive to you (a necessity to be successful on the field as well as in the classroom and office environments). What is character? It is knowing what is the right thing to do, knowing when to do it and having the courage to get it done. Our youth need to be recognized for the exhibition of good sportsmanship, teamwork and character.  Extend A Hand In Sportsmanship™ Program does just that.  It recognizes the youth athlete for exhibiting good sportsmanship, teamwork and character on the playing field and encourages that same behavior when they are not. It also encourages the role models of the coach and parents to set the proper example to encourage and reinforce the ideals of sportsmanship.

Over the past 15 years Centre Line, through its programs, has brought this message to thousands of youth soccer enthusiasts. Through the years our Extend A Hand In Sportsmanship™ Program has received numerous requests from national and international sources inquiring about its structure and seeking permission for its use.

Robert Young, Director

Robert Young
As my children become involved in youth sports so did I.  There's always a need for volunteers.  As I went from volunteer field assignor to scheduler to  Vice President of Competition, I began to see the character building possibilities available through team sports.  This realization led me to create numerous new programs for my children's soccer association giving players  more opportunities to learn and benefit from the enjoyment of team  sports.  Over the years I created a Jamboree that emphasized the spirit of the play and a program that helped coaches and referees perform their tasks in a non-threatening environment.

In time the whole concept of how to encourage sportsmanship on the field for the team, individual, coach and parents came together with my creation of the Extend A Hand In Sportsmanship™ Program in 1992.  Through this program it was discovered that players, coaches and parents began exhibiting positive characteristics and referees appreciated the benefits of the program and the help it gave them on the field.  

Eventually I became the executive director of a large youth soccer association and was privileged to oversee the physical and emotional growth of our youth through the wonderful sport of soccer.  Under my direction it became one of the association's goals to help develop the attributes of character, teamwork and sportsmanship through the game of soccer.  When played in the spirit  of sportsmanship, team sports can help our youth learn about team work, individual effort, cooperation and many other of life's lessons, lessons that better prepare them for their future.

It became my goal,  through the non-profit organization of Centre-Line, to extend this character building concept of sportsmanship to an expended group of our youth.  This will allow more children to be exposed to and begin to understand the benefits and rewards from a game well played in the spirit of sportsmanship.  By using the Extend A Hand In Sportsmanship™ Program that I created, players become more aware of their behavior on the field, coaches are more aware of their own behavior and its impact on their players and parents become aware of their sideline behavior and start cooperatively discussing and helping each other to set and maintain a positive example.  As these behaviors begin to change referees  find the games much easier to referee and are able to spend more time learning and studying the play.  It becomes a winning situation for all parties involved as well as the greater community as a whole. 

I have now spent 21 years working with and developing programs for our youth with the commitment and firm belief that exposing and cultivating the concept of sportsmanship in the developmental years of our youth can provide a benefit to them that they will have and be able to call upon every day of their life.